Komáromi and Körmendi Law Office
Komáromi and Körmendi Law Office

About Us

The Komáromi and Körmendi Law Office has been founded in 2006 and it mainly specializes in economic cases.

Within the main profile of economic cases the Law Office offers its clients help in the following areas of the law and in the related procedures (counselling, drafting, representation):

  • - tax law, representation in front of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), recourses as well as representation in court appellate procedures,
  • - social security law, representation in front of the authorities of social security,
  • - economic law, drafting and reviewing agreements, assistance in negotiations regarding agreements, handling claims,
  • - company law, procedures of registration of companies and registration of modifications, representation in liquidation and dissolution procedures, drafting documents,
  • - real estate law, procedures in front of the land registration office and the building authorities, founding of condominiums and its modifications,
  • - labour law, drafting contracts of employment and other documents in relation to employment, assistance in enforcing regulations in relation to safety at work,
  • - areas of law regarding intellectual property (software law, copyright, trademarks, know-how), registration of trademarks, representation in front of Artisjus, drafting and reviewing agreements on publishing and using copyright protected works,
  • - criminal law, representation of offended party mainly in cases of criminal offence against property and of frauds,
  • - succession law, drafting wills, support and succession agreements, representation of heirs and creditors in the probate of a will,
  • - representation in other administrative procedures (procedures in front of the Aliens Office, representation in front of the Advisory Committee for Public Contracts).

In case of any disputes in relation to the abovementioned areas of law we provide legal representation for our clients in court as well as in front of occasional or permanent arbitration courts.

Our Law Office provides assistance to numerous clients from abroad within the framework of a permanent commission and of course we also provide help for Hungarian clients in relation to legal problems concerning international law. Within the framework of these commissions, during the representations in negotiations and in court, as well as during the drafting of documents and the related correspondence the members and employees of our Law Office as well as the specialized translators working for our Law Office on a permanent basis offer their services in English, German and Italian languages.

The firm maintains partnerships with foreign law firms.

Our lawyers

Dr. Ádám Komáromi

Dr. Ádám Komáromi

Specialized in tax law. Graduated at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged in 2002. Expert of tax law, international tax law, social security law, economic law, administrative law.
Dr. Csaba Tamás Körmendi

Dr. Csaba Tamás Körmendi

Graduated at the Faculty of Law of the József Attila University in 2000.Expert of economic law, company law, real estate law, labour law, tender procedures, copyright, software law, protection of industrial law.
Dr. Brigitta Weisz

Dr. Brigitta Weisz

Graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Eötvös Loránd University in 2003. At the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV) she has been working since May 2008 in the field of tax control, since September 2010 as lawyer of the tax authority of second instance and then from June 2013 until May 2014 as head of the tax control department, where she has collected expertise in the fields of tax controls, administrative proceedings of first and second instances as well as the revision of the decisions of the tax authority. Expert of tax law, administrative law.


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